Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

A lot of Indian people have started to invest in crypto coins. As a result, several exchanges have also popped up catering to the audience of Indian users. But for trading the crypto coins properly, you must ensure that , you are using a good and secure exchange to trade cryptocurrency. This post provides detailed comparison between binance and wazirx for Indian users.

Reasons why WazirX Exchange is better than Binance in India

  1. WazirX is developed by an Indian, Nischal Shetty after doing a lot of study and research regarding the needs of Indian users.
  2. WazirX supports a lot of Indian money deposit options like UPI, Net banking . On the other hand, to trade in binance, you will first have to deposit money in WazirX and then transfer to binance. This is time consuming and sometimes you miss crucial deals like when a coin is pumping.
  3. The withdrawal fees in WazirX is also very less. It is flat INR 10 only irrespective of how much you are withdrawing. On the other hand, in case of binance, if you want to withdraw, you will have to first transfer the coins to WazirX which will have fees for coin transfer. It will be more costly.
  4. WazirX has a very good referral program where you can earn WRX coin be referring friends and  family to the WazirX exchange.
  5. WazirX exchange also runs a lot of promotions on social media platforms like Twitter from time to time. You can participate in it and win free coins.
  6. There are also trading contests on WazirX exchange. You can win big prizes like coins worth 2 lakh or more.
  7. WazirX crypto exchange has much higher volume in comparison to other Indian exchanges like Zebpay, Coinswitch kuber and Coincdx go. This ensures that your orders fill in fast and you can earn good money while trading different crypto coins.

Reasons why Binance is better than WazirX in India

  1. Binance has much higher trading volume. Thus, the orders will fill in very fast.
  2. Binance also has more trading pairs in comparison to WazirX. This ensures that you can deal in a greater number of coins. Also, a lot of new coins get listed on binance and you can invest in these coins at early stage.
  3. Binance is an international exchange. Thus, it has higher security. However, Binance has acquired WazirX. Thus, we can say that WazirX is also quite good in terms of security.
  4. There had been some instances where WazirX servers went down when some coin exploded in price. However, it is a rare incidence, and they rectify this in very less time.

Overall verdict: Which is the best Indian crypto currency exchange- WazirX or Binance?

In my opinion, if we keep all the above points in mind, WazirX is better suited for Indians. It is more comfortable to use as you can add and withdraw money in India easily. Thus, if you want to trade bitcoins and other crypto coins in India, you should consider registering in WazirX.

However, if you liked the features of Binance more or are a more professional traders, you can also register on Binance crypto exchange.

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