Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

At the time of writing this article, Siba Inu is trading at $0.00002790. It is up by 242% in last 30 days. This means that you could have made your money 2.5 times by investing in it for last one month. This is huge and that is why you must consider investing in Shiba Inu.

Here are 5  reasons why you should invest in Shiba Inu today:

Famous Personalities are talking about it

In the recent times, Elon Musk has tweeted about Shiba Inu coin, which resulted in huge surge in the price of Shiba Inu. We had already seen what Elon Musk’s tweets have done to the prices of Dogecoin. His one tweet can increase the price of mentioned coin by 50-100% in a day. That means , you can double your money in 24 hours by investing in coin before Elon Musk tweets about it.

Other celebrities supporting Shiba Inu are Guy Fieri, Mark Cuban and many more. It has also been in news because half of the coins are with the Ethereum founder.

Huge Market Capitalization

If you check the coinmarketcap website, you will find that Shiba Inu is listed number 12 based on the overall market cap. Note that it has achieved this growth only in one year while other coins in top 10 list took 5-10 years to achieve this much growth. This means that it is growing at a very fast pace and good thing is that still there is lot of opportunity for growth.

There are number of benefits of a coin having high market cap. First thing is that, it is an indicator of the fact that coin is trusted by a lot of users. A lot of users are buying and selling the coins. Also, if there is big crash in the market, a coin with high market cap will not be affected much. Thus by investing in Shiba Inu , you can be sure that you do not loose much in case some crash happens in crypto market.

Listed in almost all the leading crypto exchanges

Shiba Inu is listed in all the leading crypto exchanges. If a coin is listed on a number of exchanges, this means that even the exchanges have trust on the potential of the coin. Shiba Inu is listed on exchanges like Binance which have strict guidelines for listing coins. Since the coin is listed on all exchnages, you can buy and sell it easily.

Current Shiba Inu price is very low

If you check the other coins in top 20 list based on coin market cp, most are already trading in 3-4 digit price range. But Shiba Inu is available at very less price. This means that you can get a large number of coins for much lesser price. You can own millions of shiba for few hundred dollar investment. On the other hand, if you go to buy bitcoin with the same amount of money, you will get very small amount. If you own a million Shiba Inu coins and the coin prices reaches $1 in future, you can become a millionaire.

Very minimal fees to buy Shiba Inu coins

The fees required to buy Shiba Inu coins is very less. Earlier it was available only on Ethereum network and one had to buy directly from there. A lot of fees was required for that. Now, you can buy it directly from exchanges like Binance by paying very less fees.

Fees can make a big impact on overall coins that you get for the price you are paying. If the fees is less, it means, you can buy and sell the coins with least additional expenses. This means you get the most value from money spent.

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